About ProperJob Uitzendbureau

Welcome to ProperJob, where our commitment is reflected in our name – we strive to assist you in a professional and respectful manner when it comes to your staffing needs. Holding all necessary certifications for staffing agencies, we operate transparently, avoiding any questionable or illegal arrangements. By keeping our overhead costs low, we can offer you highly competitive rates. Based in the heart of South-Netherlands, our Brabant roots underscore our dedication to the region.

Our approach to client relations mirrors how we treat our temporary workers. With over a decade of experience in the staffing industry, we understand that content and motivated workers contribute immensely to your success. At ProperJob, we ensure that our international staff complies with all legal obligations, from required documentation to housing arrangements in our well-maintained accommodations.

Specialized Services

ProperJob excels in providing motivated and qualified flexible workers across various sectors. Explore how we can support your organization in the following industries:

  • Agriculture: Whether it’s seasonal tasks, additional staff during harvest periods, or specialized roles in the agricultural sector, ProperJob delivers the right workforce for all your needs.
  • Automotive / Bodywork: Our flexible workforce possesses expertise in diverse roles within the automotive and car body construction, from mechanics to specialized professionals.
  • Construction: For projects in the construction sector, ProperJob offers skilled laborers for tasks such as carpentry, masonry, and other construction-related activities.
  • Metal: Precision is paramount in the metal industry. Our flexible workers bring experience and knowledge in metalworking, adding value to your team.
  • Production / Assembly: Efficient production processes are crucial. We provide flexible workers with experience in production and assembly to keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Painting / Powder Coating: ProperJob offers experienced professionals for specialized painting and powder coating, ensuring a perfect finish for your projects.
  • Cleaning: A clean working environment is essential. Our trained and motivated flexible workers handle cleaning tasks across various sectors, from offices to production facilities.
  • Transport & Logistics: Understanding the dynamics of the transport and logistics sector, ProperJob delivers qualified staffing solutions for drivers, logistics personnel, and more.

If your industry isn’t listed, no worries! ProperJob extends its expertise beyond the mentioned sectors. Contact us, and we’ll promptly find the right flexible workers for your needs, regardless of the industry. Together, let’s build a successful partnership.

Safety for You and Our Workers

We prioritize safety for both our clients and workers. Before our workers commence their duties, we ensure they possess the necessary skills and qualifications. Collaborating with you, we conduct an ARBO checklist to determine the required personal protective equipment for the job. Only when these conditions are met will our workers commence their duties safely.

What Safety Means for You:

For Clients of ProperJob
Avoid the legal pitfalls associated with illegal staffing. ProperJob conducts extensive checks on the identity documents of all our flexible workers. Our team undergoes continuous training on immigration laws and document recognition. Rest assured, our workers are legally eligible to work in the Netherlands.

For Workers of ProperJob
We only deploy our workers when they have the right skills and qualifications for your tasks. A pre-work ARBO checklist, in collaboration with you, ensures the necessary personal protective equipment is provided. Meeting these conditions ensures the safety of our workers at your workplace.

Working with ProperJob

Joining ProperJob means experiencing professionalism and decency firsthand. We offer competitive salaries, timely payments, comfortable housing (if desired), and transportation to and from work (if necessary). Explore our current job openings, and if your ideal position isn’t listed, send us your CV, and we’ll actively search for a suitable job for you.

Have questions or interested in partnering with ProperJob? Contact us here. Your journey with ProperJob starts here!